This website is a collection of sky details taken from the drawings sent by email.

During childhood, we draw what surrounds us. The sky is often depicted to symbolize a time of the day, to express emotions, or simply to remember a specific moment. Elements such as sun, moon, stars, clouds, rain, lightning... are common figures that allow us to draw contexts. The whole process of appropriation of these figures (by the initial drawings, the extracted shapes and the recomposition on the website) actualizes gazes and tends to bring together common sensibilities by the anonymous mixing of these fragments.

Special thanks to Alice, Alice, Annaelle, Annie, Bertrand, Doriane, Farah, Hervé, Johanne, Juliette, Lucille, Sébastien, Simon...

If you want to, please send me your childhood drawings via the email adress howisyoursky@zeste.ee